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Our Portfolio

NEXA | EAM has executed projects in the US, Ireland, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, and Singapore; and continues to support projects globally with our team of dedicated professionals.  We’re proud to partner with Life Sciences companies, and value the collaborations we have cultivated with our clients to help them realize their operational goals—from reducing costs to improving time to market for life-changing products.

Case Studies

We are pleased to share the following case studies that highlight some of the key benefits our clients have realized. 

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Global Biotech Company

Quality & Asset Management Optimization

Cost Benefits

  • Annual spend reduced by 40%

  • Critical Instrumentation reduced by 55%

  • Calibrations per year reduced by 10%


Efficiency Benefits

  • Reduced Out Of Tolerance Investigation time

  • 100% of Audit & CAPA actions closed on time

  • 10k+ Equipment/Instrumentation Specifications determined


New Biopharma Facility

CMMS Master Data Build -

Calibration and Maintenance

Efficiency Benefits​

  • Global alignment: Based on previous successful projects across the client’s network, we had the knowledge and connections to ensure standardization in all work performed.

  • Single-sourcing the calibration and maintenance master data builds improved quality, reduced
    re-work, and standardized the approach to data gathering, building, and reviewing.

Quality Benefits

  • Single-sourcing data builds eliminated any re-work, and avoided miscommunications, which may often occur with multiple vendors.

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Global Pharmaceutical Company

Paperless CMMS Implementation

Efficiency Benefits

  • Reduction in unnecessary investigations

  • Reduction in unnecessary instrument interference

  • Reduction in admin time due to paperless process

Quality Benefits

  • Classifications that reflect process parameters and requirements

  • Ability to review trends pertaining to individual instrument performance

  • Automatic notification of Out Of Tolerance events

  • Paperless internal change management process


Global Pharmaceutical Company

Exploratory Phase Evaluation (EPE)

About Our Client 

One of the largest sterile injectable facilities in the world, produces almost 25% of all sterile injectables used in U.S. hospitals. Annually the site produces more than 400 million units for patients in the U.S. and around the world. 

Business Challenge: Why Client Opted for the NEXA | EPE

With such a high volume of output from the site, equipment uptime and availability are essential. Although different continuous improvement efforts were underway at the site in the areas of Maintenance, Calibration, Reliability and Spares Management, there was no overarching report on the current state, the proposed future state, and the amount of value obtainable from these different efforts. The site considered the EPE the best way to capture all of this information in the shortest amount of time.

To learn more about our approach, findings, recommendations and benefits, download the case study. 

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Client Testimonials

Working with [NEXA | EAM] has been and continues to be a very productive partnership. They propose real solutions, and strategically partner with us to ensure we reach our goals. They also provide excellent response times and clear evidence of achieving ROI. This makes justifying the next optimization project much easier.

Aditya Modgil

Global Calibration & Maintenance Lead

Illumina, Inc. 

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[NEXA | EAM] has been working with us over the last number of years and have provided leadership and technical guidance on establishing a world-class global calibration solution. The [NEXA | EAM] team has brought high energy, focus, and direction to this program as well as unwavering enthusiasm…a key element in our overall success.

Global Asset Management Lead

 Leading Life Sciences Client

Having experts come in and produce a report that showed the inefficiencies and opportunities that existed within our Calibration Program was essential in getting wider understanding and support for change at our facility. The report had an incredible amount of detail, but was presented in such a way that made it easy to digest. [NEXA | EAM] came with a great reputation and it was easy to see why.

Senior Reliability Engineer

Leading Biotechnology Client