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NEXA Single Source Solution
CapEx Project Model

NEXA | EAM offers 6 Service Tracks that support leading Manufacturers and Mission Critical Facilities in regulated industries worldwide in the creation or optimization of their Enterprise Asset Management Program to include: Calibration, Maintenance & Spares, Reliability, CMMS, Quality & Compliance, and CQV Solutions. By offering this full suite of services tailored to your needs, our team can deliver a comprehensive project approach that will provide a more efficient, high quality, and cost-effective execution of CapEx Projects through our NS3 | NEXA Single Source Solution CapEx Project Model.

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Executing Capital Projects | The NEXA Way

Typically, the traditional approach to CapEx project execution requires at least 5-6 vendors working independently. This siloed approach to project management can cause of plethora of issues, such as project delays, cost-overruns, and communication gaps, to name a few. With NEXA’s NS3 CapEx Project Model approach, our team serves as the single point of contact completing the full scope of work. This will ensure the project is delivered in the Client’s best interest carried out across all of our Service Tracks. 

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Why Choose "The NEXA Way"

NEXA | EAM’s proven one-stop NS3 CapEX Project Model offers our clients an end-to-end solution with our team serving as the single point of contact for project delivery. This will ensure accountability in the delivery of services to include:


  • Commissioning, Qualification and Validation

  • Data build for the computerized maintenance and calibration system (CMMS)

  • Reliability Planning

  • Maintenance & Spares delivery

  • Execution of initial Calibrations

  • Final activities leading to the successful turn-over of the fully completed equipment and systems to the Client in an operationally-ready state.

With NEXA | EAM as your Single Point of Accountability, Clients can expect improved Capital Project Delivery. 

Key Benefits of the NS3 CapEx Project Model: 

  • Clear accountability of responsibilities

  • Transparency of controls

  • Rigorous risk management process

  • Controlled costs

  • Clear communication and reporting

  • Quality Control Management

  • Improved project quality

  • Eliminate rework

At NEXA, we understand the critical aspects of your operations given the life-changing, life-enhancing products you deliver to the market, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals from project start to finish.

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