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CQV Services

SteriQual is now NEXA | EAM

In July 2023, SteriQual was acquired by our parent company, Transcat, and is now part of NEXA | EAM. This integration enhances our robust suite of Asset Management services, and expands our Validation service track to now include Commissioning and Qualification.


CQV Services | Delivering Value


Our CQV team can deliver a range of services to include assisting with new facility start-ups, implementing modifications to existing facilities and equipment, conducting regulatory inspections, and executing remediation processes.

At every stage of a project, we bring top-tier expertise to the table. 

The goal of our CQV team is to meet the diverse needs of our clients by offering an extensive range of solutions and support. Whether it involves consultancy, project management, process engineering, quality assurance, or other offerings, we employ a seamless and cohesive approach to deliver a unified solution that addresses each client's unique requirements.

Our services include: 

  • Equipment Commissioning & Qualification

  • Process Engineering & Facilities Engineering

  • Quality Engineering (QE) & Quality Assurance Validation (QAV)

  • Project Management

  • Manufacturing Process Validation

  • Cleaning Validation 

  • Sterilization and Depyrogenation Validation

  • Cycle Development for Cleaning & Sterilization Processes

  • Shipping/Supply Chain Validation

  • Computer Systems Validation (CSV)

  • Laboratory Equipment/Analytical Instrumentation Validation

  • Validation Master Plans, Project Plans, Protocols, Reports & SOPs

  • Consent Decree & FDA 483 Remediations

  • Regulatory Submissions and Inspections: USFDA, EMEA, TGA

By integrating SteriQual into NEXA and harnessing the expertise of Transcat, our clients across all regulated industries receive the benefits of a synergistic team that brings together diverse skills and knowledge, and is capable of delivering a comprehensive range of services from a single source.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your specific requirements and will work closely with you to tailor a strategy that facilitates a thorough assessment of your Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation processes. 


Partnering with us unlocks the potential for optimizing manufacturing efficiencies in your operations.

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To get started, please click the link below to connect with us and initiate the conversation. 

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