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CMMS Services
Tailored Solutions for Leading Life Sciences Companies

At NEXA, with our extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the CMMS landscape, we are well-positioned to guide your organization in making informed decisions. Let us show you how NEXA can support you in evaluating your company's CMMS systems.

Key advantages of working with the NEXA team:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your company's unique needs, workflows, and maintenance requirements. This assessment will help us identify the most suitable CMMS solution for your organization.

  • Vendor Connections: Over the years, we have built strong relationships with all the key CMMS vendors in the market. Our extensive network allows us to engage directly with vendors, ensuring that you receive the latest information, demonstrations, and quotes for the selected systems.

  • Tailored Demos: We will arrange personalized demos of the shortlisted CMMS systems, specifically tailored to address your requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the demos provide valuable insights into each system's functionality and suitability for your organization. Check out our successful CMMS Data Build project for a New Biopharma Facility to get an idea about our capabilities.

  • Evaluation Criteria: Drawing from our deep understanding of Life Science companies, we will assist you in defining and prioritizing the evaluation criteria for CMMS systems. This approach ensures that the systems under consideration align with your operational goals, compliance requirements, scalability, and integration capabilities.

  • ROI Analysis: NEXA will provide a comprehensive Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for each shortlisted CMMS system. This analysis considers factors such as cost, implementation timelines, potential efficiency gains, reduced downtime, improved regulatory compliance, and overall operational benefits.

  • Implementation Support: Once you have selected a preferred CMMS system, our team will guide you through the implementation process. We will provide training, data migration support, and ongoing technical assistance, ensuring a seamless transition.  Read about our work on CMMS Services for a Biopharmaceutical Facility to better understand our approach. Read about our work on a CMMS Implementation  Services project for a Global Pharmaceutical Facility to learn more about our approach in migrating CMMS to a new paperless system.

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We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with your organization and believe that our expertise in CMMS implementation will prove invaluable throughout the evaluation process. Our track record in working with major Life Science companies demonstrates our ability to deliver successful outcomes.


To get started, please send an email to our sales team, and briefly describe your CMMS challenges. We look forward to discussing your requirements and designing a tailored approach to assist you in evaluating CMMS systems. Partner with NEXA and unlock the potential of optimized maintenance operations for your business.


Thank you for considering NEXA as your trusted CMMS solutions provider. We are committed to supporting you in making informed decisions that will drive your business forward.

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