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NEXA Employee Experience Department 


We're committed to helping you reach your potential and doing great work for an industry that's changing people's lives. 

Meet the NEED Team 

We love what we do, and we want you to as well! As a company committed to your success, we want you to have the opportunity to reach your full potential, while serving the needs of our clients. What makes us unique is that every day our employees understand the impact they are making and are dedicating to delivering on our promise to our life science clients of providing world-class asset management solutions to enable world-class production. 

Our client is you: the NEXA Employee.

We are dedicated to proactively recruiting and onboarding talented new team members to join your growing teams. We will remain passionate about retaining our valued employees as we grow, we will do this by focusing on your ongoing training and development, open communication, social events, and by developing an exceptional employee experience through technology. Delivering on our mission will support you in creating value and delivering excellence to your clients.

Culture @ NEXA
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Invest in Our People

We offer exceptional training program develoment and delivery.

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Foster a Collaborative Culture

Enhance the employee experience through technology. 

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Build a Social Community

Maintain small company culture as we continue to grow.

Working @ NEXA 

Hear what our Employees have to say about their careers and working at NEXA | EAM. 


"There's a lot of field learning on the job, and it's very unique because there can be so many unknowns when you first walk onto a project. I continue to be amazed about everything it takes for the NEXA team to accomplish for our clients."

Chase Carper 

CMMS Engineer II - US team

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